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Safe Workers.
Happy Workers.

Safety Is
Priority #1

Our world wasn’t prepared for the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, and we’ve all be patiently waiting for things to get back to normal.  Unfortunately, it’s going to take some time to get there… but in the meantime, let’s embrace our new normal.

We provide products to help workers safely do their jobs. 

0.1s Quick Measurement

±0.2 Degrees High Accuracy

High Temperature Alarm

One Week Standby

No Contact

Social Distancing… It’s difficult to do in the workplace. We’ve been told to keep our distance from everyone as much as possible and to wear personal protective equipment to keep ourselves and everyone safe. Our No-Contact Infrared Thermometer gives you the ability to screen people for a fever without even being near them! There is a high-definition display and alarm for alerting those with an elevated temperature. Safe workers are happy workers!

High temperature measurement accuracy, tolerance: +/- 0.2
No need to hold, can be mounted and functions from 5-10 cm away
Can be used in different areas: Office, Metro, Supermarket, Shop, etc.

Getting Back To Normal

Let’s face it, things won’t go back to the way they used to be. We have to get used to a new version of normal. If we practice social distancing and good hygiene practices like washing hands and using hand sanitizer, that will help to limit the spread of the virus.

Opening Businesses Again

Ensuring safe work conditions is essential for all employees. Safe employees are happy employees! Cleaning and sanitizing workplaces and introducing measures like the No-Touch Infrared Thermometer prior to entry to the workplace helps to keep your employees healthy and safe.

We're All In This Together.

Yes, the pandemic era has been tough on all of us in one way or another. If we stay vigilant and avoid places and situations that are unsafe, we can certainly flatten the curve. The goal is to stop the spread, and many of us have been doing our part to maintain distance and follow the orders set forth by local governments. Thank you to all you responsible and respectful individuals trying to stop the spread!

People Safe.

What They Say



“It works! Great news. Product came quickly and packaged safely.”


Very Good product

“So good product, easy install, convenient to read temperature…”


High Quality Product

“Was very surprised. Highly recommend this product.”


Scan From A Distance

Infrared Thermometers allow you to keep your distance while measuring temperatures. These are ideal for food service, construction, and more industries, but are incredibly useful in in today’s pandemic area. The No-Contact Infrared Thermometer we offer allows you to mount this on the wall or on a stand and permits individuals to simply walk up and receive a quick scan. The alarm will sound if an elevated temperature is found, making this a very worthy investment!

No Contact!

Accuracy Tolerance +/- 0.2 degrees

Automatic Alarm For Elevated Temps

Scan From
5-10 cm Distance

Connect by USB

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